About the maker
Nicholas Tyler is a man of many talents. From a young age he was interested in wood, carpentry and building. Following an apprenticeship, he has had the opportunity to work around the country on various scales of building from timber garden houses to Knebworth House. He also has a keen passion for fishkeeping and has successfully run his own tropical  fish shop for the last 25 years.

Since having a heart attack in 2005, Nicky decided he should take life a little easier. The kids (the administrator of this site included) pitched in to buy him a lathe and chucks to entertain him whilst he recovered. Since then, he’s created hundreds of bowls and other ornaments and mum is on the brink of despair, surrounded by half of Northamptonshire forests. So here is a site dedicated to selling his beautiful artwork as it seems a shame to box them away.   All bowls are one off pieces of art.

Nicky says in every piece of wood there is a bowl waiting to be found.

Please remember when purchasing from this site that these pieces are all individual, one off items. They are not exact, formed, or, mass produced items – they have natural flaws and knots. As such, they are not being sold as professionally produced items but loving produced creations of curiosity.

About the wood
We take pride in sourcing our stock from local wood sources particularly Northamptonshire. All wood has been legally obtained and would otherwise be burnt or sold as firewood. We like to think we’ve given this wood a new lease of life and saved the ozone layer at the same time. Some obscure varieties of wood may pop up from time to time that Nicky himself has found in his treasure trove of a workshop or obtained for specific jobs.

If you have a specific request for a type of wood, shape of gift or other custom requirement, please get in touch as we’d love to help.

Please bear in mind when purchasing an item from our store that these are all made from natural, organic material and therefore prone to the odd shape change and slight cracking. To avoid this, please regularly oil or treat your wood and keep it away from heat or damp. Do this and your wood should live a long happy life. Failing that, please get in contact and we will see if we can help you. Occasionally there is a bad piece of wood and in the event of severe cracking we may offer to replace the item for one of similar style and size.

ye03-3 Whisperswood Bundle of assorted size mushrooms